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 Quick and Dirty Atk and Def Decks

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Quick and Dirty Atk and Def Decks Empty
PostSubject: Quick and Dirty Atk and Def Decks   Quick and Dirty Atk and Def Decks Icon_minitimeFri Aug 31, 2012 2:40 pm

Okay this is the quick and dirty way to get a good deck without a single base High Rare. By quick and dirty I mean efficient in every way I could think of.

...and banish all thoughts of High Rare and up cards for now.

...also put a hold on any perfectionist thoughts regarding card evolutions for now... this is just for getting the best deck for the least amount of resources and time investment.

Okay here we go!

So I'm going to pretend we are talking about a level 30ish player here. A few rares in the deck, a few HP and CW to spend. Maybe a High Rare which is completely useless right now.

Well bottom line is for 40 hp, planning, and some time you can have a competitive deck with base stats around 50 to 60k depending on stuff and things.

Going to go with Man Realm for my example here but will provide the God and Demon equivalents after.

Quickly now:

Rares are 1 hp right now so that's the price I'm going with btw.

For a Man atk deck:

All 4-2 Evos Skilled to at least 2, 4-5+ for top 3 cards (highest you can get without spending a fortune)

1 Gladiator (11,860)
2 High Shaman (9,800)
3 High Shaman (9,800)
4 High Gunner (13,372)
5 High Gunner (13,372)

Total Atk = 58,204 base

This setup is a good all around attack deck but...

You could just as easily fill all spots with Gladiators and only attack Demon Realm for 59.3k base damage. Or, all Gunners and only attack Man Realm for 66.8k base damage!

Card price for any combination of Atk cards = 20hp
Want to be classy and make a 6-2 Deck? 30hp (59.3k base Atk for first example)

Here is where I'm going to get a little ahead of myself but having multiple decks setup for each realm is a great thing later in the game!

Okay now Def deck. Pay attention as this part is tricky!

Skill up the first 3 until it gets too expensive..

1 Holy Knight
2 Holy Knight
3 Holy Knight
4 Holy Knight
5 Holy Knight

58,475 Def and if 3 skills go off, at least 30% Boost to Man Defense. Now factor in 10% Realm Bonus, 5% Order Bonus, and say you skilled all up to lvl 3 to average that and you are looking at a 54% increase to defense. Likely a bit more as you will skill the top 3 cards up most, hopefully 4-5% which would give a massive 60% increase to defense. Final Defense could reach over 90k after skills,obviously not including enemy debuffs or if you skill up even higher.

Price for def cards = 20hp (58,475 base def)
6-2 = 30hp (59,750 base def)

Okay so in both cases I think the 10hp saved with 4-2 evo would be best off going into savings, events, or buying skilled feeders if you need.

Updating for God and Demon realm soon but I think you get the picture. Will also include quick quide to 4-2 and 6-2 evos and skill enhancing.

Pleast post thoughts/criticisms/suggestions/corrections/applause/old cabbage

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Quick and Dirty Atk and Def Decks
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